How To Increase Blog Traffic?

Yes, dear visitors and subscribers that is a question that any new blog publisher like myself ask every single day. Though I have been involved in the online marketing arena for a number of years, 10 to be exact, I am still looking for; and learning of new ways and strategies or techniques to attract new visitors to my internet properties, including the present blog. I am reading related articles addressing the subject, taking notes but most especially implementing as soon as possible. Now, one article I’ve found on how to increase traffic to my All About Online Marketing blog was a great one by Hubspot. If you have a business online and/or offline be it home based or brick and mortar, you want to read that article. The short of it is that according to the author you (and yours truly has to follow that advice) have to focus on growing subscribers.traffic-growth-hubspot Blog Explosion It would be an easy thing to say and many so called gurus and other internet marketing specialist (Okay…sometimes I’m part of this group..but I’m learning still…okay…so give us some grace…) would make that statement with no back up but in this article, Kerian Flanagan the author uses the example of how that approach has substantially….hugely changed the visitors’ traffic to Hubspot’s blog, with charts and graphics to back that assertion up. Powerful!! That’s why those guys are who they are today, an established authority in the field of IM aka internet marketing. So read on and learn how adding new subscribers to your list or newsletter can provide your blog or site an immediate traffic surge but also a long term, down the years one.

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