How A Title Can Increase Your Website Traffic

The title of your content can increase your search engine traffic? It goes without saying you’ll tell me. It’s a basic SEO strategy to get your site or page in your site rank on search engines. Well, thus approach is different though and rather simple. It consist on using headline news trends and connect them to your topic of interest. News Trends IllustrationWell, I am not a specialist in the matter, but I have found an article that advocate using title trends in the news to increase traffic on your site. Now mind you it’s the intent of the author to teach how to manipulate the system and attract visitors only for them to find out that the article or content piece they’ve found out does not related to the peace of information they were looking for; besides, Google won’t like that and will penalize your site in a mighty way….Here’s an example of a title that uses the headline use to attract visitors to once’s site: ” Recession Proof income strategies”. In this type of a content piece you want to… yes,… talk about recession,… but also mention how the internet for example can recession proof your income.

Website Traffic Hot Tip
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Anyways, it’s a powerful approach. I invite you to read more about it. Though this online traffic article is 7 years old,it’s still relevant today. What technique do you use to increase the amount of visitors to your site?

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