7 Critical Steps To High Website Traffic and Ranking

Website Traffic and Ranking infuencersAttracting more visitors or traffic and ranking high on search engine results, that is the concern and challenge of every internet marketer, business owner and other home based business (offline or online). This is one of the most searched topic for these. Again, Google plays a major role in this, being the dominant search engine out there. The recurrent question: How does Google or any other search engine provider (Bing, Yahoo..etc..) decides how to rank a site? Well, the latest factor that Google and probably Bing and others take into consideration is the time spent by visitors on a site or blog. That is also known as engagement. That’s already one of the metrics used by Google’s YouTube and even Facebook (in terms of shares) to determine what content to promote and rank high in the search results. Then the question becomes: how do you get visitors to spend time on your website, page or post? There are 7 ways to keep web surfers and visitors engaged according to Eric Siu in this article in entrepreneur magazine. Here they are:

1- Be memorable to them, aka purple cow which is a term coined by the Seth Godin. In other words your article or post must capture your readers/visitors attention and leave a mark, as your articles stands out. This is the things viral articles, posts and other videos are made of and that lead to shares on other social media platforms. So know your stuffs, find your voice and style and present your topic in such a way that it breaks from the mass of other similar related writings or creations that adds to the already big info noise on the net.

2- Add a video, which is relatively easy. You can either create one of your own, making sure that it follows the same rules as the one above; or you can embed one from YouTube that is already viral or has the potential to be so, as long as it meets the criteria from step 1.

3- Write long article or post. the author says that 2000 words is a good number. This is obvious as the sheer length will keep visitors on your site or blog. It will still be necessary to make the topic or story worth their while.

4- Create content: You’ll hear it again and again in this digital age…Content is king. It’s all about providing value to your visitors.

5- Make your website or blog visitors visit a pleasant one: This is about your site design and navigation…Make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. Another aspect of this step is addressed in step 6….

6- Fast loading time. It says it all. People are in a hurry nowadays. Attention span are shorter and so is patience. So help yourself and help your visitors bu setting your site to load fast.

7- Related post or articles. If you have a WordPress site there are plug ins for that. Again, information, content is king. People want to learn, so provide value.

All in all search engine providers are all about providing value to their users and that involves such elements as the quality of the content, the visitor’s experience on the site (load time, mobile friendly etc…). It’s an interesting mix. While I am at it I’ll make sure to follow these rules. Below is a video about the topic of attracting and retaining traffic:


This is video is a great complement to the topic discussed here. Leave your comments below and share what you have learned that helps attract and keep more visitors on a site or blog.

7 Simple Ideas To Get Subscribers to Your Blog

blog-subscribersThe rhetorical question about how to increase subscribers to your bog or website? That question is probably one of the most searched for or asked about. As a newly self appointed blogger, I am also learning how to atract more readers to my blog. One thing comes back again and again. You have to post regularly and consistently. Creating or finding content is key. There are 7 other strategies to get subscribers to your blog.

Click on that link to learn more from that Hubspot blog article.

How Small Business Owners Can Put Social Media To Work For Them

Social Media tips for Small And Home Based Businesses GrowthSince the main focus of this blog is to empower small and home based businesses with information related to online marketing, I found this great article from the SiteSell Blog and in which the point is clearly made about the changes that have happened in the last few years about successfully setting a website (or any web property for that matter): It’s no longer a matter of creating a website or blog; and submitting it to search engine. Nowadays, social media has changed the game.

Marketing Hot Tip
A sure way to get traffic? Creating or finding viral content on social media. How? By conducting a search of such viral content, posting it on your Facebook Page and sending engaged visitors to your site or blog. Better yet, you can automate the whole process and generate traffic for free. How? Check the Viral Autobots Software at: http://www.AllAboutOnlineMarketing.com/viralautobots

Every internet property (website, blog, video, etc…) that you set up for your business will receive a social media score from Google and that will be use by the search engine giant to determine your ranking. So for the sake of the of your success online and therefore your brick and mortar or home-based business, you better be aware and learn all you can about what it takes to master the social media game. In this article, Suzanne Perkins the author outlines some social media strategies for business growth. Read on and apply them. I’m learning that in the digital era we’re in fast action

How A Title Can Increase Your Website Traffic

The title of your content can increase your search engine traffic? It goes without saying you’ll tell me. It’s a basic SEO strategy to get your site or page in your site rank on search engines. Well, thus approach is different though and rather simple. It consist on using headline news trends and connect them to your topic of interest. News Trends IllustrationWell, I am not a specialist in the matter, but I have found an article that advocate using title trends in the news to increase traffic on your site. Now mind you it’s the intent of the author to teach how to manipulate the system and attract visitors only for them to find out that the article or content piece they’ve found out does not related to the peace of information they were looking for; besides, Google won’t like that and will penalize your site in a mighty way….Here’s an example of a title that uses the headline use to attract visitors to once’s site: ” Recession Proof income strategies”. In this type of a content piece you want to… yes,… talk about recession,… but also mention how the internet for example can recession proof your income.

Website Traffic Hot Tip
Do you want a sure method to generate targeted and responsive traffic to your website, running a solo ad is your answer. Still, learning from an expert is the best way to take full advantage the benefits of that online traffic method. Check this course from one of the best in the business. Click here now: http://www.AllAboutOnlineMarketing.com/soloadfla

Anyways, it’s a powerful approach. I invite you to read more about it. Though this online traffic article is 7 years old,it’s still relevant today. What technique do you use to increase the amount of visitors to your site?

How To Increase Blog Traffic?

Yes, dear visitors and subscribers that is a question that any new blog publisher like myself ask every single day. Though I have been involved in the online marketing arena for a number of years, 10 to be exact, I am still looking for; and learning of new ways and strategies or techniques to attract new visitors to my internet properties, including the present blog. I am reading related articles addressing the subject, taking notes but most especially implementing as soon as possible. Now, one article I’ve found on how to increase traffic to my All About Online Marketing blog was a great one by Hubspot. If you have a business online and/or offline be it home based or brick and mortar, you want to read that article. The short of it is that according to the author you (and yours truly has to follow that advice) have to focus on growing subscribers.traffic-growth-hubspot Blog Explosion It would be an easy thing to say and many so called gurus and other internet marketing specialist (Okay…sometimes I’m part of this group..but I’m learning still…okay…so give us some grace…) would make that statement with no back up but in this article, Kerian Flanagan the author uses the example of how that approach has substantially….hugely changed the visitors’ traffic to Hubspot’s blog, with charts and graphics to back that assertion up. Powerful!! That’s why those guys are who they are today, an established authority in the field of IM aka internet marketing. So read on and learn how adding new subscribers to your list or newsletter can provide your blog or site an immediate traffic surge but also a long term, down the years one.