How To Increase Blog Traffic?

Yes, dear visitors and subscribers that is a question that any new blog publisher like myself ask every single day. Though I have been involved in the online marketing arena for a number of years, 10 to be exact, I am still looking for; and learning of new ways and strategies or techniques to attract new visitors to my internet properties, including the present blog. I am reading related articles addressing the subject, taking notes but most especially implementing as soon as possible. Now, one article I’ve found on how to increase traffic to my All About Online Marketing blog was a great one by Hubspot. If you have a business online and/or offline be it home based or brick and mortar, you want to read that article. The short of it is that according to the author you (and yours truly has to follow that advice) have to focus on growing subscribers.traffic-growth-hubspot Blog Explosion It would be an easy thing to say and many so called gurus and other internet marketing specialist (Okay…sometimes I’m part of this group..but I’m learning still…okay…so give us some grace…) would make that statement with no back up but in this article, Kerian Flanagan the author uses the example of how that approach has substantially….hugely changed the visitors’ traffic to Hubspot’s blog, with charts and graphics to back that assertion up. Powerful!! That’s why those guys are who they are today, an established authority in the field of IM aka internet marketing. So read on and learn how adding new subscribers to your list or newsletter can provide your blog or site an immediate traffic surge but also a long term, down the years one.

An ingenious way to use Facebook and Drive Traffic To Your website or Blog

I never seize to admire those creative people who come up with innovative solutions or approach to fixing a problem. In this article the Social Media Traffic Strategyauthor shares how he went from building a following of 400 likes for his cat loving Facebook page in three years to doubling that number is 2 weeks, and increasing visitors to his website in the process. How? through join ventures, though it’s not the name that Kurt Smitt use. Well find out more about this social media traffic technique here. How have you used Facebook to drive traffic to your site or blog?

What To Do When Your Site Traffic Is Stuck To Below 100?

Low Website TrafficThis is a situation that I have experienced with my e-commerce site where I am selling auto air conditioning parts. I first set it up in early 2011 after my eBay seller account got restricted. I was at that point facing the new world of having to generate my own targeted traffic with limited to no income to advertise, or invest in any sort of marketing. I had to learn the hard way, read a lot do a lot of back link building, manually. Always learning new ways and strategies and other tactics gave me hope that the amount of visitors and eventually buyers will get growing… I’ll get up in the morning to check my traffic only to find out that there was a measly 5 visitors..But I kept at it…And honestly? I’m still keeping at it only that my traffic is consistently now at above 30 and when it’s high season for the type of products that I am selling I get some regular visits above 100 per day..Anyways, why am I sharing this? targeted-traffic-equals-more-salesWell, I was looking for an article to share here on my blog on the topic of traffic building and I found one, actually a blog post that was addressing the very challenges I’ve been talking about, only the author calls it traffic hump. When experiencing it you have to press on, keep at it, which is exactly Ken Evoy’s point and the man knows what he’s talking about. Anyways, go ahead read that traffic hump article.

In the day and age that we are in where it’s very difficult to build a site that will rank well, on the first page of Google or any search engine I have searched (and still searching) for a sure method to generate targeted traffic to my website or landing page offer. One such tool is media buying. Here’s a free report on how to generate targeted with media buying.

How To Drive At Least 200 visitors per day from Facebook

Facebook TrafficAre you struggling getting visitors to your website orĀ  blog? Have you tried using social media sites like Facebook and others? You’ve probably heard guru’s bragging of how they are able to bring droves of visitors from their Facebook fan page. The latter is supposed to be a boon for internet marketers who want to find a ready-to-buy targeted traffic. But between the sayings and other flashy declaration there’s a canyon…Welll’ hopefully this article’s Facebook traffic strategy will bring a new and mre reliable approach to generate consistent visits to your site. What’s that novel approach? Using photos…Read on…

An Original And Creative Way To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Drive-traffic-Article-By-Sitesell-BlogI was looking for articles to share on this blog, and that related to generating high traffic to websites. I’ve found one from SiteSell’s blog, a great Canadian company that really helps would-be online entrepreneur, especially the ones with no particular knowledge of internet marketing; create very successful sites that attract visitors and make money…In any case that article has an interesting approach to bringing visitors to a site…It consist of basically using a very low priced product or service that is in great demand and offer to the visitors who purchased that product or service (the latter must still be of excellent quality) to buy a higher priced ticket item. The visitors are brought from non search or non social sources…Basically the strategy consist of using paid search. Before you say or decide that it’s not a great one, read on, find out for yourself and decide whether this online traffic article presents a great approach.

Another Great Targeted Traffic Source: Facebook Ads

Media-Buying-Uncovered-Digital-Media-Buying-101I have recently completed my first product named Media Buying Uncovered which basically explains the power of media buying as one of the most effective ad fast ways to generate targeted traffic.

Well, I ran into this great article on getting targeted traffic that reminded me of Facebook Ads as an effective alternative with just as great ROI.

fb-ads-PicThough I’ll agree with the author and his findings I still think media buying is better as there are less restriction compared to Facebook ads where you have to worry about for example maintaining a certain ratio between text and image; and many other restrictions that you need to know about or else you’ll get your ad copy rejected.

Which method do you know or is in your opinion an effective way of generating targeted traffic?