How to Drive Traffic To Your Business or Home Based Business Site? Content is The Answer!

small-business-website-traffic-through-content-marketingWhat challenge most websites experience to be successful? Traffic or attracting more visitors. What is the cause? The most common mistake website designer and other publisher, myself included make is to put the ecart before the horse or thinking about monetisation and other aspect of site building such as the look and feel; before content. I learned this the hard way when I build my website (ecommerce to be more precise) to sell auto air conditioning compressor. Had I thought about providing valuable information that addressed the challenges that my target customer were facing with their vehicle’s ac systems I would have had less trouble getting more visits and sales to my site. Instead I went ahead with creating my site, listing all kinds of auto ac parts making sure that I used the right title tag and other website design tag stuff, except providing articles and other tips about ac repair or addressing car ac related issues.

Well it’s all the more difficult for me to talk as I knew better through reading one of the best resources on the topic of getting target traffic to a website through content and even at some point owning the website building tool which I and many other more successful solopreneurs as we like to call one another in that particular community; consider one of the best if not the best website builder in the market. So the lesson, think in terms of your target customer. What is his or her challenge? How does she go about searching for it? Where does he or she hangs out? What kind of words (aka keywords) are they using? etc… These kind of questions will help you build pages that provide valuable and useful information to your visitors and position you as expert, while increasing your credibility. Then, only then your visitors are now being more open to the notion of becoming customers. Sounds simple but in actuality it’s easy to get lost in the techniques of the website or of the product. I hope this helps. Ever made the mistakes mentioned in this (long) post? Any advises?

Dear Business Owners, A Primer For You on SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization)

SEO recicle arrows
SEO recicle arrows

Hello to all my readers, especially those of the small business community (whether brick and mortar or home based). Since I’ve engaged on this IM (aka Internet Marketing) journey, one of the word that has been recurrent is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you don’t know yet, there are various opinions about the topic, some in favor of this online marketing tactic to drive traffic to a website; others against as they see SEO as an evil strategy to manipulate search engine results. There’s a little bit of truth in both sides of the issue. But as a business owner you still have to know what it’s about. As in pretty much everything there’s a good way of doing SEO and bring visitors to a site and there’s a bad way. Hereafter I have added a YouTube video from one of the most respected guru in this art, Alex Becker.

A little warning this otherwise young and smart fella can have a very colorful language, not always but he wold sometimes drop some sh…” bombs here and there. Don’t let that detract you from the training. He offers a lot of value. One thing is sure this fella is a straight shooter. He keeps to his words. Anyways, judge for yourself and get your baptism in the art of SEO, and be equipped because there are many so called SEO specialist out there who’d help separate you from your money very quick by using some sleek lingo and pray on your lack of knowledge. But again there are some really good and great ones out there. I consider Alex among the latter..actually excellent one. By the way, I’m still new in the thing, but I know enough to be dangerous to a scammer.

How much do you know about SEO? What do you want to learn? Is it important for your business? How so? Ever hired an SEO expert?

How business Owners Can Leverage Their Expertise To Create A Product

info-product-creation-tips-for-business-ownersOne of the ways to succeed online is to create your own product. You’ll hear internet marketing guru’s preach the same message. Find a problem that people are facing out there and are looking to learn on online; provide the solution by creating a product like an ebook, a video course or a manual, etc… As long as your product creation gives answers to the issue or challenge that your audience is facing. Product creation is not easy, especially on the internet.That’s where business owners have an inherent advantage as they are expert (at least they’re supposed to be so) in their field. So coming up with product that addresses the particular questions that a group of like minded persons are searching answers for online (and even offline) becomes easy. Here is a great blog post article on product creation where the author, a freelancer shares how he created his first info product with no experience of writing or internet marketing, thus showing that what matters most is the value of the info to the user.

So whether you have a regular brick and mortar business, or you’re a home based one, you have an natural advantage in setting a product up to sell online. Just learn to convey your solution in plain English. Read on this article and learn more how to go about info creation and marketing. I have also added an ebook which is a complete course on how to make your knowledge sell online. Please check it out. You won’t regret it.

Do you believe that as a business owner you have what it takes to create a product? What if any do you think is an obstacle? What would you like to know or learn about creating an info product?


7 Simple Ideas To Get Subscribers to Your Blog

blog-subscribersThe rhetorical question about how to increase subscribers to your bog or website? That question is probably one of the most searched for or asked about. As a newly self appointed blogger, I am also learning how to atract more readers to my blog. One thing comes back again and again. You have to post regularly and consistently. Creating or finding content is key. There are 7 other strategies to get subscribers to your blog.

Click on that link to learn more from that Hubspot blog article.

How Small Business Owners can Effectively Use email Marketing To Increase Subscribers and Sales

email for home based business, email marketing for small business
email for home based business, email marketing for small business

In the internet marketing world, you always hear that the money is in the list. A good online marketing trainer will tell you that one of the main skill you want to master to be successful in bringing your business up to the standards of the digital economy is email marketing and building a list. Yet as a business owner or if you have a home based business you always hear the insistence placed upon building a website. There are scores of stories about indecent sums of money invested to build a flashy looking site that gets no visitors and therefore brings no sales or whatever goal was intended in building it. If you have a home based business, like say a in a network marketing opportunity you always hear the company’s reps try to sell the fact that the company gives each one a website to help the distributors better market themselves by appearing more professional; and the opportunity. The website will work for them 24/7. Well, the concept of email marketing or building a list is foreign to the world of mlm. Only top distributors are familiar with these and apply email marketing and list building techniques consistently. In any case I’ve found an article that teaches online entrepreneurs (and I’ll add offline as well) to professionally and effectively use email marketing to increase customer’s subscriptions and business’ sales. It explains the lingo of email marketing such as squeeze age, lead magnet aka free offer or ethical bribe. It shows the common pitfall in building a list, in brief a great post…Check it out, learn and apply…I’ll do the same, because I’m still growing in this online thing myself. While I am on this subject check Jim Cockrum one of my favorite “online guru”, and his list building class

How to Use Periscope To Grow Your Small or Home Based Business

Periscope For Small and Home Based Business Growth 1I’ve found this great article on Facebook that presents 6 ways for small businesses to use Periscope, the live video broadcast social media platform, to grow their businesses. One thing for small business owners to keep in mind is that not all social media platform will be effective for marketing the business online. You still have to test to determine which one lends itself to your business; Which one attracts your audience most (assuming that you can answer the question of where your target customers are more likely to hand out. Anyways,, the publisher of this article is an authority when it comes to social media in general and social media marketing in articular. So read it and make it work for you. While we’re at it which one of the social media network are you using the most to promote and grow  your business?

How Small Business Owners Can Put Social Media To Work For Them

Social Media tips for Small And Home Based Businesses GrowthSince the main focus of this blog is to empower small and home based businesses with information related to online marketing, I found this great article from the SiteSell Blog and in which the point is clearly made about the changes that have happened in the last few years about successfully setting a website (or any web property for that matter): It’s no longer a matter of creating a website or blog; and submitting it to search engine. Nowadays, social media has changed the game.

Marketing Hot Tip
A sure way to get traffic? Creating or finding viral content on social media. How? By conducting a search of such viral content, posting it on your Facebook Page and sending engaged visitors to your site or blog. Better yet, you can automate the whole process and generate traffic for free. How? Check the Viral Autobots Software at:

Every internet property (website, blog, video, etc…) that you set up for your business will receive a social media score from Google and that will be use by the search engine giant to determine your ranking. So for the sake of the of your success online and therefore your brick and mortar or home-based business, you better be aware and learn all you can about what it takes to master the social media game. In this article, Suzanne Perkins the author outlines some social media strategies for business growth. Read on and apply them. I’m learning that in the digital era we’re in fast action

Do Small or Home Based Businesses Need The Skill Of Driving Traffic ?

Web traffic button pointing high position with two fingers blue and grey tones Conceptual image for internet seo.
Web traffic button pointing high position with two fingers blue and grey tones Conceptual image for internet seo.

If you’ve been on the internet or online marketing arena for a while you’ve heard and learned that the success of your business online depends on the amount of traffic driven to your website or sales page. Then you are served with all kinds of lingo related to techniques to attracting visitors, such as SEO, pay-per-click, Google adwords, Media Buying, etc… Well I’ve found an article from an online marketer that I respect and consider to be one of; if not my go-to-source as far as common sense internet marketing techniques and other creative ideas. Jim Cockrum is his name. On his blog one of Jim’s blog post destroys the notion that driving traffic is relevant or matters at all in today’s online environment. Find out more about Jim’s no more driving traffic opinion.

In short Jim’s view is that by focusing on a niche; and creating and offering original content that gets noticed and pleases the readers, and  there’ll be enough buzz created by these to generate traffic to your blog our website.

How local searches can help your small or home based business

Local Search Ranking for Offline and Hone based business sIn today’s digital age, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have made it possible to easily access the internet. Today’s consumers are bombarded with tons of information and are more than ever informed decision makers. They search online usually using their cellular or tablets before making any purchasing decision. Consumers conduct local searches of the businesses in their city or neighborhood before deciding to visit them or would even go ahead and purchase using their phones or tablets. Online searches from mobile devices have for the first time outpaced the ones from desktop computers. So as a business owner or if you own a home-based business, you need to know the ins and outs of this new mobile revolution as far as online marketing is concerned. Your offline or home business had now better chances to be found and therefore be successful than ever before. Check this article from Manta and the related webinar on the subject

Learn how to effectively use online resources such as Google business page, Bing Place For Business, Yelp, Merchant Circle, Yellow Page and other online business directories to name a few.

How A Title Can Increase Your Website Traffic

The title of your content can increase your search engine traffic? It goes without saying you’ll tell me. It’s a basic SEO strategy to get your site or page in your site rank on search engines. Well, thus approach is different though and rather simple. It consist on using headline news trends and connect them to your topic of interest. News Trends IllustrationWell, I am not a specialist in the matter, but I have found an article that advocate using title trends in the news to increase traffic on your site. Now mind you it’s the intent of the author to teach how to manipulate the system and attract visitors only for them to find out that the article or content piece they’ve found out does not related to the peace of information they were looking for; besides, Google won’t like that and will penalize your site in a mighty way….Here’s an example of a title that uses the headline use to attract visitors to once’s site: ” Recession Proof income strategies”. In this type of a content piece you want to… yes,… talk about recession,… but also mention how the internet for example can recession proof your income.

Website Traffic Hot Tip
Do you want a sure method to generate targeted and responsive traffic to your website, running a solo ad is your answer. Still, learning from an expert is the best way to take full advantage the benefits of that online traffic method. Check this course from one of the best in the business. Click here now:

Anyways, it’s a powerful approach. I invite you to read more about it. Though this online traffic article is 7 years old,it’s still relevant today. What technique do you use to increase the amount of visitors to your site?