About Us

Hello dear reader,

My name is Valery Mbayen. But call me Val as many get a rise in their eyes when they hear me say my name. So,I’ve found it a little more helpful to let people to just call me Val. Otherwise, I’ve been actively involved in the internet or online marketing world since 2006. But my very first foray was in 2001, on eBay when I created my first listing to sell a product I was promoting as an independent rep for an MLM company. Had to stop it as I found out it wasn’t a marketing method that was allowed then. In any case I got the bug and it was only until 2006 that I got seriously into it selling auto air conditioning parts for a local manufacturing and distributor in Irving, a city in the Dallas Fort Wort area in Texas. To put a long story short eBay opened my eyes to the new and exciting world of internet marketing.

I’ve had my share of purchased products from internet marketing gurus. Some where good, others were just empty promises that separated me from my money to help an opportunistic guru. In any case all this has been and still is a great learning experience. Over the years I have learned and continue to do so what works and what does not; who’s for real and who’s not. So through this blog, I want to share my experience and help you readers, visitors, subscribers and members to sort through the maze of information, resources and other products and internet gurus.

I cannot say that I’ve arrived, but I have left. By the grace of God, I’ve developed a pretty good ability to discern the good from the bad. I hope and want to share it with you to help and empower you in your journey to online marketing success.

So, I invite you to follow me in this and I’m grateful for and I look forward to this opportunity to serve you.